Mini Case Rack / Random - PRE-ORDER

Mini Case Rack / Random - PRE-ORDER

PRE-ORDER - ends 23/5/22

Problem: You've loads of those Adana mini type cases that don't have a rack to live in, or you've inherited a home made rack that's about 40 years old, riddled with wood worm which is about to fall apart...

Solution: You spend ages figuring out how to solve the problem which probably didn't need solving given that the world is going to sh*t and all of that.

This is a simple sturdy case rack for the mini Adana style cases that measure 213 x 155 x 21mm. The material is 3mm birch ply.

Six cases will fit in the rack and the lip on top allows for a case to be positioned for typesetting.

Supplied as a flat pack kit for you to assemble, glue and finish.

No cases are supplied with the rack. It's just the rack.

This is a PRE-ORDER item - all orders received between 5/5/2022 and 27/5/2022 will ship on 7/6/2022.

If you are coming to the Shipley Wayzgoose on 11/5/2022 you can save on postage and pick up there. To do that select 'Everywhere Else' in the postage drop down menu when you check out.