Laser-Cutting for Letterpress Printing

£165.00 - £290.00
Laser-Cutting for Letterpress Printing


Introductory offer - get 20% off this workshop by using the code LASERBEAMS on checkout if you book between July 18th and 1st August 2022.

Use a laser cutter to cut your design out of wood, turn it into a block and then print from it.

Printing from wood is unrivalled. Its texture and grain adds depth and character to any print you make. Laser cutting opens up a range of exciting possibilities, which in turn breathes new life into a printing process that is 500+ years old (and still going...!).

The course is aimed at those who wish to print their own design from digital files or you may already be a letterpress printer and want to find out how this process can work for you.

We will cover:
— Using digital artwork for laser-cutting or engraving
— Choosing the right materials
— Cutting and mounting your blocks
— Printing on a Vandercook SP20, Korrex Nuremberg, Farley proofing press, or the humble Adana.

2 maximum per workshop, select the number of attendees using the drop down menu above.

Price includes all materials.

The workshop runs from from 9am - 5.30pm, weekdays from September 13th 2022 - July 1st 2023.

You can buy a course anytime during 2022-23 and once you've done this get in touch to sort a date out.

If you don’t have a date in mind or the workshop is a present for someone, I will send you a voucher which can be redeemed until Friday 1st July 2023.

Your host & tutor Nick has worked as a designer & printer for over 20 years and has taught in schools, colleges, universities and print workshops across the UK. You can find out more here

Feel free to get in touch to discuss any requirements you may have.

I originally ran this course at Leeds Print Festival in 2015 and now SEVEN YEARSlater I am able to run it from my workshop in Shipley!